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Montessori Greenhouse School was founded in 1970 by Joy & Charles Turner with the goal of offering a high quality educational beginning for children before they reached school age (3 – 6- year olds).  In 1981 we expanded our program to include Elementary. Since that time we have opened an infant/toddler program and built a new school facility, as well.  We serve the needs of children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years.


Programs offered at Montessori Greenhouse,
Garden Grove

Choose a program to learn how we focus on addressing all four components for a successful child's education: curriculum, pedagogy, professional development and parent engagement. 

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Prece is dedicated to providing the right developmental environment for children, and so do our teachers. We believe that teaching is not a job but a career committed to little ones. We ensure that your child gets the best–trained, well-compensated, steady, and compassionate teacher during his/her childhood years. 

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