Fall 2020 Re-Opening Plans

All of our campus schools are following strict rules and regulations set by the CDC and Department of Public Health as well as the local Department of Social Service and Boards of Education.

They are intended to significantly reduce the dangers to your children, family, and our staff members. These rules and guidelines are based on the mentioned authorities’ current understanding of the COVID-19 situation and we will continue to frequently update our policies and procedures to align with and surpass all guidelines. 

For parents new and current, feel free to reach out to us to discuss our programs and the health and safety measures outlined below.


  1. Drop-offs occur outside of the building with families waiting to enter. Visual marks are placed on the ground six feet apart to ensure families effectively practice physical distancing.
  2. Adults and children 2 years and older are required to wear a mask while dropping off.
  3. Family members are required to bring their own pen for signing in/out.
  4. A staff member (who is required to wear a mask) will use an infrared thermometer to perform a no contact temperature check of all students before escorting them inside.
  5. Temperatures are recorded daily for each child. 
  6. Each family will be asked whether they have observed any symptoms of COVID-19 to determine if it is safe for the child to stay at school. 
  7. If symptoms exist, the child will not be permitted to enter the campus.


In order to facilitate a safe departure, all staff members will adhere to the following measures:

  1. Facilitate student pickup by parents from designated doors area.
  2. Guide students through collecting and sanitizing their belongings to take home. 
  3. Wipe high traffic areas with EPA approved disinfectant.

Daily routine to avoid cross contamination

Basics procedures

  1. Educators, staff and administration are required to wear masks on campus.
  2. Students will stay in their respective classrooms.
  3. All students wash their hands upon entry to the classroom.
  4. Educators will verbally guide students through activities as much as possible to avoid touching surfaces. 
  5. Napping cots/mats will be kept at a distance of 6 feet.
  6. Educators encourage children to keep their hands and materials away from their face, as well as encourage frequent hand-washing.
  7. Work mats are brought by the children and are stored separately. 
  8. Temperatures are checked and recorded multiple times throughout the day for all children.
  9. Classroom doors are kept open when possible for extra ventilation. 

Food Safety

Lunch service will not be offered at school. Only food prepared by parents will be allowed for the kids. Below are a few rules we follow:

  1. Parents will provide all meals for their child(ren). Disposable lunch boxes are highly encouraged! 
  2. Utensils are also provided by the student’s parent/guardian.
  3. Community/group snacks are not available at this time. Individual snacks are provided by the school for each student.
  4. Practical Life food work is not available during this time.

Outdoor Playground

Outdoor play time is staggered to avoid any overlaps and give time for cleaning.

  1. Only one classroom is scheduled to use the playground at one time.
  2. High touch-points are sanitized at the conclusion of each classroom's playtime or outdoor time.
  3. Face coverings are optional outdoors during playtime.

Face Covering

Consistent and proper use of wearing a face covering is the best way to minimize exposure. 

For students:

  1. Parents are to provide their child(ren) aged 2 or older with face coverings.
  2. A clean and sanitized face covering is used every day.
  3. Children under the age of two must not wear a face covering due to the risk of suffocation.
  4. Elementary aged children are required to wear face coverings during specific times of the day; group time, small group lessons, individual lessons with the teacher, etc.
  5. Face coverings are not necessary when the children are eating, taking a nap or playing outdoors. 

For staff:

  1. Staff members are required to wear a face covering at all times.
  2. A clean and sanitized face covering is used every day.

For more information, please see California Department of Public Health's Guidance for the Use of Face Covering

Staff and Administrators

Deep cleaning

It is important to keep the classrooms clean and protected to avoid contamination.

  • Each child has their own designated storage area to keep their belongings.
  • High traffic areas and materials are sanitized regularly throughout the day by staff members.
  • All schools employ a janitorial service to thoroughly clean the school each evening. 
  • HVAC systems have been inspected to ensure proper ventilation.

Our Staff

By following adequate physical distancing and proper sanitation measures, exposure of the staff to the virus can be minimized to a great deal. The following steps can be taken:

  1. All staff wear effective face coverings while on campus.
  2. Educators, staff and administration take their temperature and record it upon entry.
  3. Staff members do not gather in groups for meals or breaks.
  4. All staff sanitize and disinfect their immediate break area.
  5. All staff follow all health and safety measures such as frequent hand washing, disinfecting door handles/knobs after each use, maintaining physical distancing, and continuing to observe health and safety measures when not at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

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